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1.             Authenticated proof of registered office of the applicant  is to be furnished with the application

2.             Application fee/Processing fee and EMD are  to be  submitted in shape of DD only, otherwise the proposal shall not be accepted. 

3.            Net Worth should be got calculated from the competent authority i.e. approved valuator. Self evaluated property shall not be considered. The authenticated documents on the basis of which Net Worth has been calculated should also be attached with the proposal. 

4.             Separate proposal is to be submitted for each project accompanied with requisite fee  and all required documents. 

5.             No separate letter will be sent to the unsuccessful applicant about rejection of his application. Only the list of successful applicants shall be displayed on Himurja website

6.             For submitting applications against self identified projects, applicants are advised to read carefully the instructions & other related terms & conditions as stipulated under Annexure-II

7.             Representation against rejection of application shall be made by the unsuccessful applicant to the Government/Himurja within 30 days of rejection, thereafter no request shall be entertained at all. 

8.            No applications will be entertained for projects on main Rivers such as Beas, Satluj, Chandra Bhaga (Chenab) and Ravi and also on Tirthan river & its tributaries in Kullu  district. 

9.             The application shall be submitted in sealed cover, superscribed “Application for allotment of Himurja identified Hydro Electric Project /self identified Project.”(Delete which ever is not applicable). 

10.         The applicant should mention complete postal address including PIN code and also mention Mail ID in the application. 

11.         An undertaking indicating the share holding of each promoters in other already allotted projects is to be attached with the application. 

12.         Application duly filled in alongwith requisite documents and EMD is to be submitted in the office of the Director Himurja SDA complex Kasumpti Shimla-9, on or before  31/12/2015  upto 5 P.M. In case the last date of receipt of applications happen to be holiday the application shall be received till next working day.  

13.         The Government of Himachal Pradesh reserves the right to reject any or all the applications without assigning any reasons

      Contact Address-

      Project Director cum Dy Chief Executive Officer,

      Himurja (H.P.Govt. Energy Development Agency)

      Block 8 A, SDA Complex Kasumpti  Shimla-171009.






The State Government has taken several initiatives to encourage private sector participation in small hydro power development. Himachal Pradesh is among the few States, which has streamlined and is continuously refining the various procedures/processes to minimize the bottlenecks.


The process of exploitation of hydel potential in small hydro sector through private sector participation began during 1995-96. Since then, the allotment of project sites has been a continuous process. Till 31st October, 2015, 655 Small hydro Electric Projects (upto  5MW  capacity) with an aggregate capacity of 1596.805 MW have been allotted. Out of these 67 projects with an aggregate capacity of  262.55 MW have been commissioned. 3 projects of total capacity 2.70 MW also commissioned in Private Sector under UNDP-GEF Programme. 13 project of an aggregate capacity 16.87 MW have been allotted to Himurja for development in State Sector. Out of these 10 Nos. mini micro hydel projects of total capacity 2.37 MW have been commissioned in the interior part of Himachal Pradesh.




        Projects upto 5.00MW are handled by HIMURJA in following modes:-


       a    Projects Identified by HIMURJA (refer detail at Annexure-I)

b.       Projects Identified by the IPPs designated as self identified projects (Refer requirement & Guidelines at Annexure-II).


                                 i.     Small Hydro Project up to 2.00MW capacity shall be exclusively reserved for the Himachalis. Whereas while allotting projects upto 5.00 MW, Himachali shall be given extra  30 marks in addition to the marks obtained by them for financial strength.


                               ii.     Not more than 3 projects shall be allotted for implementation to an IPP including the already allotted projects.




The H.P. Government offers projects sites with potential upto 5.00 MW capacity for private sector  participation. The details are available at Annexure-I with this brochure.   




I)          Any Private Investor whether Himachalis or outsiders such as Private Ltd. Company/Public Ltd. Company/Public Sector Undertakings/Partnership concern/Sole Proprietary and Cooperative Societies/Voluntary societies/trusts comprising of the bonafide Himachalis only is eligible to apply for the allotment these Small Hydel Projects.


II)         The applications for the identified projects/self identified projects shall be received after advertisements issued by Government/HIMURJA in Giriraj  and  in leading Newspapers. Applications shall be scrutinized by HIMURJA and approved by the Government.


III)       As the potential sites (detail at Annexure-I) have been identified on the basis of preliminary reconnaissance only, the interested Private Investors should, in their own interest, visit the potential sites, (which are essentially the rivulets/streams on which the small hydro Projects can be developed), for verifying various Project related parameters viz. discharge, head, water availability, habitation etc and also the other relevant informations. Himurja can not  be held responsible for any kind of variation.  They shall also ensure that the Project components do not fall in the wild life sanctuaries, national parks, eco protection zones etc. and also do not interfere / overlap with the existing/ ongoing proposed Hydel Projects of H.P. Govt Undertakings such as HPSEBL, HPPCL, Himurja, Government of India  undertakings, Private Investors, before submitting their offers on the prescribed format.


IV)       The application shall be accepted on the prescribed format and should have accompanied the application fee & requisite documents. The application shall include along with the application the information regarding, name of the stream/nallah, estimated capacity, assessed head and assessed design discharge, layout sketch of the Project which should show the elevations of the main components of the Project, names of the Projects already allotted upstream/downstream of the proposed site, if any etc.  Application with the same name as that of the Project already allotted upstream/ downstream  has to be avoided. The Joint inspection, in case of self identified projects shall be carried out to ascertain the overlapping, if any, with the existing Projects.


V)         If IPP is interested to apply for more than one Project, separate application for each Project shall be submitted along with application fee.


VI)       The application must be complete in all respects, supported with the requisite documents  accompanied with an application fee (Non refundable)  of Rs. 10,000/- ( Rs ten thousands only)  and EMD @ Rs.50,000/- only (fifty thousands only) per MW, EMD is refundable in case of unsuccessful applicant and in case of successful applicant the same will be adjusted against the security deposit. The application fees and EMD shall be furnished by the applicant in the shape of a demand draft in favour of “Director HIMURJA” payable at Shimla. The application form is appended as Annex-IV. Financial appraisal of the application shall be done on the basis of “Net Worth” of the applicant. No interest shall be paid on the EMD to be refunded or adjusted against security.


VII)  (a)   For the projects upto 2MW capacity reserved for Himachalis, the applicant should have Networth of Rs.10,00,000/ (Rs. ten lakhs) upto 1 MW and Rs 10,00,000/- per MW above 1 MW upto 2 MW to become eligible for further processing of their application, failing which the proposal shall be rejected out rightly. Whereas for the projects above 2MW upto 5MW Net Worth of Rs.50.00 lakhs ( Rs. fifty lakhs only) per MW shall be required by Himachali applicant to become eligible.


         (b)   For Non Himachali Networth of Rs 200 lakhs (two hundred lakhs only) per MW shall be required to become eligible for further processing the application, failing which the proposal shall be rejected out rightly.


(After qualifying the eligibility criteria mentioned in point VII a &b above, further assessment of marks shall be done as per the formula given in the evaluation criteria appended as Annexure-III)


  VIII)        If the project is approved  for allotment to a  particular  applicant,  consent letter for exclusive time        bound right for preparation of Detailed Project Report  (DPR) for the Small Hydro Electric project         shall be issued.


 IX    After issuing the consent letter  the IPP shall fulfill the following pre requisite criteria:




The IPP shall submit a comprehensive Feasibility Report (FR) to Himurja prepared by a reputed consultant within six months of issuance of this letter along with the credential of the consultant.  Feasibility Report (FR) shall be based on actual Survey & Investigation containing site detail, hydrological data, location of project components, power studies for capacity determination, land requirements, layout plan, single line diagram, E & M equipment specifications and cost analysis etc. Extension of three (3) months subject to deposition of extension fee @ Rs 10,000/- per MW per month is allowable. If the IPP fails to submit Feasibility Report within extended period project is liable to be cancelled.


IPP will have to deposit security, processing fee, upfront premium based on the allotted capacity within two months from the date of issuance of the consent letter otherwise Govt. can with draw the consent letter and forfeit the EMD.




                         The Security charges shall be based on the capacity allotted. EMD @ Rs.50,000/- per MW furnished by the successful applicant while submission of application, will be adjusted against the security charges, If the IPP does not furnish the requisite documents such as PFR, upfront premium and post  allotment processing fee etc as prescribed in the consent letter in time, the consent letter will be withdrawn and  amount of the EMD will be forfeited.


                          In case TC is accorded the above security will be refunded after signing of Implementation Agreement.




                           Furnishing of the Processing Fee (non-refundable) in shape of Demand Draft in favour of “Director, HIMURJA” payable at Shimla. The processing fee for  Sole Proprietary, Cooperative societies/Voluntary Societies/Trusts/Partnership Concerns all comprising of the  bonafide Himachalis shall be Rs. 25,000/- upto  2 MW and beyond  2.00 MW upto 5 MW @ Rs.25,000/- + Rs.10,000/- per MW (for the capacity exceeding     2 MW). For others i.e. Non- Himachalis  the processing fee shall be Rs. 2.00 lac per Project.  


 If an IPP enhances the capacity of already allotted Project after Techno Economic Clearance/TC/  signing of IA then the IPP shall be required to furnish the processing fee afresh at the rate specified above.        




Up-front premium ( non refundable), in shape of demand draft shall be charged as per Hydro Power Policy 2006 read with subsequent amendments notified from time to time. Presently upfront premium is charged at following rates:


i)      Upto 2MW  upfront premium is exempted.


ii )    Above 2MW upto 5MW up-front premium  will be  charged in two stages @ Rs. 45000/- per MW  i.e. 50% at the time of allotment of the project to be deposited within two months from the date of issuance of consent letter and 50% at the time of signing of the IA.


(b)   If after enhancement of capacity, the capacity of the project remains upto 5 MW the IPP shall have to pay upfront premium @ Rs 90,000/- per MW on whole capacity.


5.   The IPP or his agents shall carry out the requisite detailed investigations and  techno‑economic studies of the Project and shall submit a Detailed Project Report to HIMURJA within a period of   24 months from the date of issuance of the consent letter with all clearances.


 6.  The IPP shall submit monthly discharge data and quarterly overall progress reports to Himurja on the Proforma attached at Annexure- ‘A’ & ‘B’.


7.       Following milestones shall be binding on the IPP:-


Sr. No.


                                      Time Period


Feasibility Report Submission

Within six months from the date of Consent Letter before preparation of DPR. Feasibility Report (FR) shall be based on actual Survey & Investigation containing site detail, hydrological data, location of project components, power studies for capacity determination, Land requirements, Layout plan, single line diagram, E & M equipment specifications. Extension of three months with extension fee @ Rs. 10,000/- per MW per month.

Consequences- Cancellation of project.


Feasibility Report Approval

Himurja will approve the Feasibility Report within two months from its submission or within 11 months (including extension obtained for submission of feasibility report if any) from the issue of consent letter.


Acquisition of Revenue record.

IPP has to obtain all the necessary revenue record required for implementation of project within Nine (9) from the date of issuance of Consent Letter or within 12 months (including extension obtained for submission of feasibility report, if any) from the date of issuance of Consent Letter.


Submission of applications for all clearances/approval/consent to different departments

IPP has to submit applications for all the clearances/approval/consent applied within Eleven (11) from the date of issuance of Consent Letter or within 14 months (including extension obtained for submission of feasibility report if any) from the date of issuance of Consent Letter.



Obtaining of all clearances/approval/consent

IPP has to obtain   all the clearances/approval/consent  within Twenty Four (24) months (including extension obtained for submission of feasibility report if any)   from the date of Consent Letter.





Submission of Detailed Project Report (DPR) as per CEA/ CWC Guidelines & within allotted/approved  parameters with all clearances

Within 24   months from the date of  issuance of Consent Letter. or within 27 months including three (3) months extension for submission of FR, if three (3) months extension not availed at the time of FR, extension of three (3) months can be availed for submission of DPR for valid resaons  by levying extension fee @ Rs 1000/- per MW for first month doubling in successive months, i.e. 1st month Rs 1,000/-. 2nd month Rs. 2000/-, 3rd month 4000/-,


Grant of Technical Concurrence, preparation & submission of documents for signing of Implementation Agreement.

Technical Concurrence shall be accorded by Directorate of Energy (DoE), on behalf of the Government within 45 days from the date of receipt of the Detailed Project Report.  or within 28 months and 15 days (including extension obtained for submission of feasibility report, if any) from the date of issuance of Consent Letter and also complete all formalities for signing of IA.


Confirmation of Interconnection Point

Two months after the  approval of  FR, the IPP shall apply to the appropriate authority (Distribution/Transmission Licensee)   for finalization/confirmation of interconnection point.  


Signing of IA

Within 15 days of accordance of  TC or within 29 months  from the issuance of Consent Letter (including extension obtained for submission of FR/DPR, if any) whichever is earlier.  


Achieving Financial closure including PPA if required and work started Concurrent action: Any balance clearances, consent/approval to be obtained.

IPP has to achieve the financial closure including PPA if required and obtain balance clearance/consent/approval, if any  and start work on site within six (6) months after signing of IA or within 35 months (including, extension obtained for submission of feasibility report and DPR, if any) from the date of issuance of Consent Letter.  


Project Commissioning

Project must be commissioned within 24 months from  the date of start of work. However, six (6) months extension in this period is allowable for valid reasons subject to deposition of extension fee or within 65 months (including extension obtained for submission of feasibility report/DPR submission/extension in construction period, if any) from the issue the date of issuance of Consent Letter.

 Extension charges applicable  @ Rs 1000/- per MW for first month doubling in successive months, subject to maximum of Rs 10,000/- i.e. Ist month Rs 1,000/-. 2nd month Rs. 2000. 3rd month 4000/-, 5th month Rs. 10,000/-

This part of charges will be payable upfront or with interest at project borrowing rates, after commissioning.


8.     The IPP shall stick to the time schedule for the investigation of the project and submission of the FR and DPR. In the event of the IPP being unable to submit the FR and DPR within the stipulated period as mentioned in clause 7 above, the IPP can seek extension for the delay for valid reasons within one month alongwith extension fee and maximum extension shall be as mentioned in clause No 7 above. Extension fee for extension in time period for submission of DPR shall be @  Rs 1000/- per MW for first month doubling in successive months, subject to maximum of Rs 10,000/- i.e. 1st month Rs 1000/-. 2nd month Rs. 2000. 3rd month 4000/-, 5th month Rs. 10,000/- and for FR extension fees shall be @ Rs. 10,000/- per MW per month. Non submission of DPR within the extended period shall result into cancellation of the project.


9.      Detailed Project Report submission date shall be reckoned only after it has been found that the report is in conformity with CEA/ CWC guidelines and within allotted/approved elevations & stream. The reports and studies shall be prepared by reputed consultants who have experience of handling the complete task of geological & hydrological investigation, construction, erection, commissioning and operation of hydroelectric projects. Complete details of the consultants and their experience shall be included in the DPR or annexed therein.


10.    HIMURJA, on receipt of Detailed Project Report (DPR), will scrutinize the DPR from the angle of parameters as per FR (Feasibility Report) and related aspects of the project as well as optimum utilization of the potential. After its scrutiny the HIMURJA will forward the DPR to Director of Energy, for accordance of Technical Concurrence. During examination of DPR HIMURJA/Director of Energy, may point out the defects and deficiencies affecting the Technical Concurrence. IPP is expected to make good the defects promptly and remove the defects or deficiencies, as pointed out by the HIMURJA/ Director of Energy, within 30 days from the dispatch of the communication. The IPP will obtain Techno Concurrence (TC) from Director of Energy., within 45 days from the date of submission of DPR.


11.     If the performance of the consent or of any obligation of IPP is prevented, restricted or interfered with for any reasons of; fire, explosion, epidemic, cyclone, earthquake, flood, unforeseen natural calamity, war, revolution, requirement of any Government or any sub‑division, authority or representative of any such Government; or any other act whatsoever, whether similar or dissimilar to those enumerated, beyond the reasonable control of the party hereto; the party so affected upon giving prompt notice to other party shall be excused from such performance to the extent of such prevention, restriction of interference  for the period it persists provided that the party so  affected shall make its best efforts to avoid or remove  causes of non‑ performance, if possible, and shall continue performance hereunder with the utmost dispatch whenever  such causes are removed. If  the  force majeure such as war, civil war, riots, revolutions, fires, floods, epidemics, earthquakes, cloudbursts, landslides and excessive snow persists for continuous period of the consent letter or more, the parties shall meet and decide about the further course of action.


12.     In case the IPP does not find the Project to be feasible from techno‑economic considerations or from any other aspect, the IPP shall hand over to the HIMURJA all the Project Reports and any other connected documents etc. as may have been collected and/or prepared by the IPP during the course of investigations alongwith physical possession of the project site.


13    The Government after having concluded that the Project is techno‑economically viable may enter into an     Implementation Agreement within 15 days of accordance of TC or within 29 months after issuance of consent letter ( including extension if any) whichever is earlier. IPP will give request for signing of IA  for execution of the project and will deposit requisite charges for signing of IA. If  the IPP fails to sign IA within this period, letter of consent will be withdrawn.


14.    The IPP shall set up its office within State of Himachal Pradesh after signing of Implementation Agreement and furnish the proof thereof.


15.    NOCs of IPH, HPPWD, Revenue, Fisheries and Wild Life are not required. However, clearances and compliance of norms & conditions of the departments shall be ensured by the developers before and during execution.


(i)    The norms and terms and conditions of IPH, PWD and Revenue Department shall be   Annexed with the Implementation Agreement and developer shall abide by them.


(ii)    No project should be allotted in Wild Life Sanctuaries/Parks/areas. If later on the project comes within the boundaries of Wild Life Sanctuaries/Parks/areas by way of redefining  boundaries of  Wild Life Sanctuaries/Parks/areas, IPP shall have to surrender the project immediately without any claim.


(iii)  No NOC of Fisheries Department is required. Only where projects are allotted in the streams where Fisheries department has its conservations and development projects, the developers will comply with all the instructions/directions of Fisheries Department and take into account impact in Feasibility Study, DPR and during project execution.


Charges payable-


a)          No charges for projects upto 2 MW.

b)          For other only per MW charges at the rate of Rs 50,000/- per MW.

c)          No additional charges for length of stream so as to avoid inspections.

d)         Where any development conservation projects of Fisheries Department are impacted

            separate charges as per Fisheries Department proposal.


(iv)    NOC of Gram Panchayat – Effective consultation shall be done with Gram Panchayats and their objections and suggestions shall be heard and decided by SDM by way of a reasoned speaking order. Aggrieved parties have right to appeal before D.C. and thereafter Principal Secretary (Power).


Single joint committee will clear all aspects of projects for statutory clearances.


          For transfer of Forest /Govt. Land, Private Land acquisition and PCB clearances concerned departments will accept the request of the power producer on production of approved feasibility Report (FR). IPP will submit Feasibility Report within six months from the date of issuance of consent letter for approval to enable expediting these clearances.         


16.     Self attested copies of NOCs obtained from different Departments shall be submitted to the HIMURJA. The IPP is required to furnish an affidavit, on Rs. 5/- stamp paper duly notarized, to the effect that all the conditions in the NOCs obtained from the different Departments and Gram Panchayat shall be abided by them, in case an IA is signed with the IPP later on.


17.     The IPP will acknowledge receipt of consent letter  within one month and furnish affidavits, security charges, processing fee, upfront premium within two months from the date of issue of consent letter. In case, IPP’s confirmation is not received or security, processing fee and other relevant essential documents are, not deposited by the due date it shall be presumed that IPP is not interested in taking up the project and consent shall be withdrawn.


  18 .   ROYALTY:  


In the event of this project being awarded to you for implementation, a separate agreement called Implementation Agreement shall be executed for supplying the royalty on water usages in shape of free power royalty (Energy) as per the following rates or the rates applicable as per policy of the State Govt. at the time of signing of Implementation Agreement.


a)     Small Hydro Electric Projects upto 2 MW allotted after 2006 Hydro Policy, where power is consumed in HP by HPSEBL free power payable to State and Local Area Development Fund  shall be 2%, 12% and 18% (2% for first 12 years, 12% for next 18 years & 18% for remaining period of to 10 years).


b)    For Other Projects-  The Free power royalty liable to be charged from the projects for captive use or third party sale outside the state with an installed capacity upto 5 MW will be at the rate of 12%, 15% & 24% (12 for first 12 years, 15% for next 18 years & 24% for remaining period of 10 years) or the rates applicable as per policy of the State Government at the time of signing of IA. For captive consumption within the state or sale to HPSEB Ltd. or its successors the concessional royalty rates shall be 6%, 15% and 24% (6% for first 12 years, 15% for next 18 years & 24% for remaining period of to 10 years). In case of capacity enhancement beyond 5 MW rates notified by government shall be applicable.


        The IPP shall provide an additional 1% (one percent) free power over and above the rates existing at 18 (a&b) for  Local Area Development Fund (LADF) aimed at providing regular stream of revenue for income generation and welfare schemes, creation of additional infrastructure and common facilities etc. on a sustained and continued basis over the life of the project. This fund would be available in the form of an annuity over the entire life of the project.


19.      The balance energy, after adjustment of free energy, may be used/sold by the Second Party in the following manner :- 


(a)  Free energy shall be made available by the Second Party at the interconnection point to the HPSEBL, wherein HPSEBL will buy power from SHPs upto 2.00 MW, if the developer so choose, provided that free power to the State is also as per HP Hydro Power Policy 2006 and its subsequent amendments and the metering shall be done at this point. For SHPs above 2.00 MW upto 5.00 MW, HPSEBL will formulate an objective, prudent and transparent power purchase policy, keeping in view load centre, evacuation cost, line losses, hydrology etc.


Solid tap connectivity at the nearest or 11 kV or 22 kV line upto 2 MW capacity generation capacity will be allowed, with appropriate protection.


To ease Liquidity, Commission will determine two sets of levelised tariff i.e. one for first 5 to 10 years, which may be higher and 2nd set for balance period


No wheeling/transmission charges shall be payable for free energy from the generating station to the interconnection point.

(b)   Make captive use or negotiate Third Party sale within the State or evacuate power for captive use or sale outside the State. The wheeling or transmission charges in this regard will be set by the HPERC based on petitions by the parties.




 21.1   For Non-Himachalis:-


The Government may consider the request of the allottee company for change in name/dilution of shares of original allottee company subject to the condition  that the Original allottee shall retain the controlling interest i.e. 51% equity in the new entity upto Six months  after actual commissioning of the project and thereafter allowed to freely sell/divest the project.  However  Non Himachali allottee can sell/divest 100% equity shares to Himachalis at any stage after allotment. In the event of any contravention, the Government of H.P. shall terminate the IA forthwith at any stage. 


 21.2  For Himachalis:-


21.2(a):- In case of bonafide Himachalis /Co-operative Societies/Companies/Voluntary Societies /Trust/Partnership concerns/Sole Proprietorship concerns comprising wholly of bonafide  Himachalis to whom project upto 2 MW and above 2MW to 5MW capacity is allotted, the Government may consider the request of the promoters to transfer ownership wholly or partially to any other bonafide Himachalis / Co-operative Societies/Companies/Voluntary Societies/Trust/Partnership concerns/Sole Proprietorship concerns comprising wholly of bonafide Himachalis, at any stage after allotment.


21.2 (b):- In case of bonafide Himachalis to whom Projects upto 2.00 MW capacity is allotted, Change in name /dilution of shares by Himachali allottee to non-Himachalis shall be allowed to the extent of 26%  at any stage and full disinvestment after six months of actual commissioning of project.


21.2 (c):-  In case of bonafide Himachalis to whom Projects above 2.00 MW and upto 5.00 MW capacity is allotted, Change in name/ dilution of shares by Himachali allottee to non-Himachalis shall be allowed to the extent of 49% at any stage subject to the condition that original allottee shall retain the controlling interest i.e. 51% equity in the new entity upto six months of actual commissioning of project.


22.    Alongwith the acceptance letter of the consent, the following shall also be furnished by the IPP:  “An affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs.5/-only (duly notarized) to the effect that not more than three projects (including this project) are under execution with the  allottee company/firm and the promoters of the company /firm”.


23.   Other conditions of Hydro Power Policy 2006 read with amendments to the same notified from time to time shall be applicable to the developer/IPP which shall also be mentioned as, “ that the Hydro Power Policy, 2006 alongwith amendments from time to time shall be abided by him during the occupancy of the project”,  in the affidavit to be submitted under point no. 22 above as second point.


24.   HIMURJA/ H.P. Government shall provide necessary assistance in obtaining  clearances at State level.


25.  The incentives/concessions offered by the MNRE/Himachal Pradesh Government would be applicable  as notified   from time to time.


26.   Escort Service shall be provided by HIMURJA, as the case may be.


27.  Consent letter will be issued in lieu of MOU and no separate MOU shall be signed  by the government.


28.  If the private land of any person /farmers are acquired for the purpose of setting up of power/ other projects in the State and concerned beneficiaries claim/ opt for exchange of Govt. Land instead of money compensation and if the exchange of Govt. Land is approved by the Government on availability of land the cost of Govt. Land will be paid/ recovered from the concerned firm /executive agency of the project.


  29.  Note:-


(1)       The DPR shall clearly bring out the percentage potential utilization of the site and it would be preferable if the DPR demonstrates that the proposal shall lead to more than 75 % of the potential utilization of the site in a 75% dependable year.


(2)       Capacity firmed up in the DPR shall be treated as final, subject to approval from     Government in case of enhancement, for according TEC and signing of IA.


In case of default of any of the time frame and/or conditions of the consent letter, the Government shall be at liberty to withdraw the consent and forfeit the security and the project can thereafter be granted to other suitable party.


 Note:- The above data is for information Only.

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