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Why Small Hydro Projects

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Why Small Hydro Power ?

  • Reliable, eco‑friendly, mature and proven technology.
  • More suited for the sensitive mountain ecology.
  • Can be exploited wherever sufficient water flows ‑ along small streams, medium to small rivers.
  • Does not involve setting up of large dams or problems of deforestation, submergence or rehabilitation.

  • Non‑polluting, entails  no waste  or production of   toxic gases, environment friendly. 

  • Small capital investment and short gestation period.
  • Minimal transmission losses.
  • With careful planning and adoption of simplified and standardized designs, SHP installations are becoming increasingly competitive with thermal, diesel or gas based power generation.


Himachal Beckons You

  • Small Hydro Power potential of more than 2000 MW in H. P.
  • An attractive package of incentives.
  • Overwhelming response in the previous phases.
  • Ever increasing demand of power in North India.
  • Easy access by road/train/air.
  • Escort service by HIMURJA/HPSEB Ltd.
  • Well developed road network within the State and easy accessibility to the sites.
  • Peaceful industrial climate ‑ Excellent rapport between workforce and industry. A cooperative labour pool/workforce.
  • A  salubrious climate.  
  • Well knit communication network with FAX/ STD/ISD facilities available in   all corners of the State
  • An extensive network of high/medium/low tension lines enabling easy  connectivity to grid.

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